They queried the vines, questioned tradition, searched their memories, selected only specific varieties and plots of vineyards, analysed the harvests, scrutinised the weather and dissected the earth until one day, in a glass, they smelt, tasted and understood, ELECTUS has been born. The 2010 vintage gave depth, strength and simultaneously an elegant smoothness. Spicy aromas and a touch of Valais: robust and well rounded at the same time.



The ELECTUS label was inspired from an old wall painting displayed in a chapel in Mund, a village in the upper Valais region. Flowers, fruits, a bird dispersing seeds, along with the letters V and M entwined, are represented in the tapestry, giving the initials Valais Mundi but also, Wine and Mountain. This original label illustrates the Valais wine growers attachement to tradition, whilst at the same time their close companionship with nature with which they reap the benefits.


« A nose of dark red fruit, cherry and plum, but complexity appears with the second nose. Very pleasing. The mouth is more problematic for me, keeping a very straight line and elegant, ... »

Elle Wallace, author and wine critic

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« Very herbal, almost weedy aromas that verge on bug spray. The culprit is excessive reduction. Very tannic and not particularly balanced, ..

Dennis Lapuyade, author and wine critic

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«Garnet red. An expressive bouquet, youthful with lots of black and red berries. Notes of raspberries, cassis and grilled bacon with a finish of graphite (on the nose). An elegant, fruity and juicy palate with a silky mouthfeel, a very well balanced wine. The body has depth and combines superbly the tannins and structure. For now, this wine reveals power but also freshness. The tannins are in the background. They have the density and fervor necessary to accommodate the structure which is quite lively. I'm curious to follow this wine in its evolution. A lingering finish. »

Yves Beck, author and wine critic, Switzerland

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«The nose portrays a purity of fruit and a frankness which indicates that the wine was made very carefully. The mouthfeel has an incredibly fine texture along with an excellent base to it. Juveniles and civilised tannins cling to the fruit ,giving a very pleasing middle palate. Everything in meticulous proportion including the flavours which are in perfect balance. Its lengthy finish shows us that the 2011 vintage is definitely capable of being one the great wines of the world. »

Jérôme Aké Béda, best sommelier in Switzerland 2016

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«Electus, Switzerland’s first iconic wine. A blended wine made up of Cornalin, Humagne Rouge, Cabernet Sauvignon, Syrah, Dolinoir, Merlot and Cabernet Franc. A crimson colour with a complex nose portraying red currants, a hint of leather, a touch of graphite, along with a grainy texture, combined with a lot of freshness. Pleasantly persistant with a surprisingly rich finish. A subtle wine, however, firm and full of youth. After a good 24 hours, just perfect with even more expression. Spicy notes on the palate. Very interesting; I think that if I had tasted it blind, I would have been completely taken aback; no obvious relationship to another wine. A dry finish, combined with tasty fruitiness. »

Jancis Robinson, author, wine critic and journalist, England

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